Alyssa Kelly

Chief program manger for the Missoula office Meaghan Frisbee, MPA, says the program provides professional eye care services to underserved com…

A client’s vision is tested using a Phoropter, which tests vision and diagnoses the most effective correction method.

Over 1,000 total patients attended the weeklong professional eye care clinic hosted by Vision Health International.

Colorado based Ophthalmologist Randy Rothman provides consultation and examination services. 

Each day, over 200 people filed in the Joe McDonald Health and Fitness Center to receive eye care services. 

A staff of five doctors were on hand to provide numerous eye exams. Ophthalmologist uses a spot vision screener, which can detect common visio…

St. Ignatius based Jiu Jitsu instructor Justin Dumontier (Right) demonstrates a chokehold for self-defense course student Patty Stevens (Left)…

Self-Defense student Patty Stevens (Left) attempts the techniques taught by instructor Justin Dumontier (Right).

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