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Pow-Wows across the Globe

8th Annual Colorado Springs Native American Intertribal Powwow June 9, 2016

Arlee Celebration
Where: Arlee powwow is located at Arlee Powwow Grounds
What: The earliest evidence of an attempt to hold a Fourth of July Powwow was in 1891. In the 1890 however, traditional Indian dances were illegal under Bureau of Indian Affairs rules, and the Indian police and Flathead Indian Agent Peter Ronan used the threat of U.S. Army intervention to break up the dance. The Bureau of Indian Affairs found it difficult to argue that it should be illegal to celebrate the Fourth of July, though for a time government attempts to suppress traditional dances forced the tribes to hold them secretly.
When: June 30th-July 4th schedule subject to change.

North American Indian Days
When: July 7- July 10
What: North American Indian Days in Blackfeet Country ~ NW Montana ~ Glacier National Park. The celebration in Browning, Montana, is always held the second week in July for four days. It is an intriguing way to see authentic Blackfeet traditions, it’s one of the largest gatherings of United States and Canadian tribes, the celebration is an unforgettable experience.
Where: North American Indian Days is in Browning, Mt at the powwow grounds.

Where: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Powwow Grounds
What: Julyamsh festivities also included traditional music, horse parades and a dance competition with participants dressed in bright regalia made with golden eagle feathers and buffalo bones. The weekend-long cultural celebration at the Greyhound Park and Events Center is hosted by Coeur d’Alene Tribe.
When: July 22 to July 24, Times ALL DAY.

Rocky Boy Celebration
Where: Chippewa Cree Tribal Court, Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, Montana
What: It’s one of seven American Indian reservations in the U.S. state of Montana. Established by an act of Congress in 1916, it was originally intended for landless Chippewa Indians in the American West, but it has grown to include many Cree Indian and Metis over the years.
When: Rocky Boy Celebration starts August 5 to 7 The Times are 9:00 Pm 12:00 Am.

Crow Fair
Where: held at The Edison Real Bird Memorial Complex, in Crow Agency, Montana.
What: The Crow Fair was created in 1904 by an Indian government agent to bring the Crow Tribe of Indians into modern society. It welcomes Plains to its festivities, functioning as a “giant family reunion under the Big Sky.”
When: Crow Fair Pow-wow Celebration starts August 17th-22nd”

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