Summer Travel Safety Tips

Personal safety products can offer peace of mind on summer vacation.

(StatePoint) While everyone looks forward to summer road trips, travel can come with unexpected safety emergencies.

David Nance, founder of SABRE Personal Safety Academy and CEO of SABRE, the number one personal safety brand of consumers and law enforcement worldwide, provides travel protection tips for different scenarios.


The National Safety Council says traffic death rates are three times greater at night.

“If you can’t avoid night driving, have at least one passenger stay awake to talk to the driver,” says Nance.

You can also make car travel safer with the SABRE Safe Escape 3-In-1 Pepper Gel With Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker with Snap Clip. The built-in belt cutter helps free yourself in an emergency, while the steel window breaker could come in handy if vehicle doors are jammed or electric windows fail to operate. Another good choice for driving is the 2-in-1 Flashlight With Pepper Spray, SABRE PepperLight. Ideal for helping navigate auto issues such as changing a tire at night, its ultra-bright flashlight shines up to 540 feet, and its strobe flashlight setting can ward off and disorient potential threats. It also contains 25 bursts of pepper spray for protection against multiple threats.

Around Town

“Looking at your smartphone can distract you from noticing potential threats,” says Nance. “Stay engaged while exploring a new destination.”

At the same time, you can also use tech to your advantage to store emergency contacts and access safety apps. Using geo-tracking technology through the free SABRE Personal Safety App, SABRE’s SMART Pepper Spray connects with a smartphone and sends help alerts to assigned emergency contacts. They’ll be immediately notified of your location if the SMART Pepper Spray is deployed or the in-app alert button is pressed. It can also alert first responders with a subscription.

For a smaller pepper spray option that is about the size of a lipstick and can be easily carried for on-the-go safety, try Mighty Discreet. Its twist top prevents accidental discharge and the snap clip provides immediate accessibility.

Going out for the night? Keep an eye on your beverage and don’t accept drinks from strangers. Be sure to watch out for your travel companions too. If they’ve had more than their limit, don’t let them leave alone or with strangers.

At the Hotel

Don’t take chances. Lock the doors at your hotel and secure important belongings in the safe. For extra protection, you can take home security on the road with the SABRE Door Stop Alarm, a portable, wireless alarm that doesn’t require installation and can be heard up to 1,000 feet away, alerting neighbors and helping frighten intruders. Its wedge shape blocks inward opening doors.

“Having personal safety products is part of the equation. Knowing how to use them safely is just as important,” says Nance. “You’ll want to create a clear safety plan. If you’ll be carrying pepper spray, consider practicing first. Practice water canisters are available and a good idea for first-time users.”

Products from SABRE are available nationwide at Walmart, Target, Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lowe’s, Menards, Academy, and Bass Pro Shops, among other national retailers. While it’s legal to carry these safety products in all 50 states, check local laws where you’ll be traveling. For more information and safety tips, visit

With smart safety strategies and tools, you can make summer travel just what it should be -- a time to explore, relax and have fun.


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