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For the Record
March 2011

Greg Roy Bisson
RONAN Greg Roy Bisson, 51, passed away on March 10, 2011 in Great Falls from complications caused from cancer.

He was born to Reno Wallace "Swede" Bisson and Mildred Chamberlain in St. Ignatius. He and his mother moved to Portland a few years later where he went to school. After graduation from high school his mother died and he moved to Hawaii.

Greg lived in Hawaii for about 2 1/2 years, living on the beach for several months and working for a NAPA until he decided to go back to Portland. That summer he decided to come back to Ronan and visit his dad and his brothers and sisters that he never really knew because he grew up in Portland.

In 1982, he moved to Polson where he went to work as a flagman on the highway. He then went to work for the Jore Corporation where he met Stacy Rowland and they lived together. It became the longest relationship of his life. After he and Stacy were laid off at Jore, he went to work at S&K Electronics and they made their home in Pablo.

He loved his rock & roll music. He and Stacy would sing karaoke on his stereo at his house. He enjoyed friends coming over after work and weekends. He liked to party with his family and friends.

Greg liked to pull practical jokes on people, go camping on the river, drive around in the country, meet friends in the bars and play pool. On the Fourth of July, he always had lots of fireworks to shoot off and always saved some for New years.

He loved life, and after he and Stacy parted ways, he stayed around for awhile before he went back to Portland for a few months before deciding to return to live with his brother Danny and Bev Stokes for about a year or so. It was then that he found out that he had cancer.

He went through chemo and radiation treatment for a few months and was always in a lot of pain. After that he got his own apartment. In February he went to Great falls to get his teeth pulled as the radiation and chemo had ruined them.

He was preceded in death by his parents Reno Wallace Bisson "Swede" and Mildred chamberlain; uncles Doug, Donald and Alvin "Sonny" Bisson; aunts Dorthy Kroshus and Lila Bisson; and half brothers Michel Wallace Bisson and David Lutton.

He is survived by his son Jordan Nelson; aunt Vivian and Earl Cahoon of Pinehurst, ID; brothers Danny Bisson of Ronan, Randy Bisson of Arlee, Henry Bisson of Texas, Fred Bisson of Pablo and Rick Bisson; sisters Diana Meeks of Arlee, Cary Cline of Arlee, Gerry Sias of Missoula and Rhonda Jean Boyer as well as numerous nieces, nephews and grandnieces and nephews.

A wake began Saturday in the Longhouse in St. Ignatius with the Rosary being recited. Services were held Monday in the Longhouse with burial following in the Ronan Cemetery.