From VHPA Committee 

ST. IGNATIUS — The Veterans Honoring and Powwow is set for Saturday, November 9 at the St. Ignatius Community Center. Doors will open at 11 am and events will continue until midnight. There will be dance contests, royalty competition for boys and girls age 12 and under for Princess and Warrior, a silent auction, dinner, and gifting of veterans and military service in attendance.

The powwow will be served by the following head staff: Kenny McClure, War Dance Chief (USA); A.J. McDonald, Head Man Dancer (USA); Mikie Stasso, Head Woman Dancer (USN); Thomas Trahan, Arena Director (USMC); and Dan Trahan, Master of Ceremonies (USA). Yamncut will serve as Host Drum. All drums are welcome.

Recognition of all veterans and military service people will begin at 4pm and dinner will follow. This year the Committee will be recognizing the following persons who have passed since the last Veterans Day, and a special invitation is extended to their family members and friends to attend:

  • Louis McLeod Sr., USA
  • Thomas M. Plouffe, USAF
  • Patrick S. McClure, USA
  • Phillip “Otto” Weivoda, USN and USCG
  • Robert R. Brown, USN
  • Darrell “Bill” Kehoe, USA
  • Eneas Vanderburg, USA
  • Thomas “Toots” Brown Sr., USAF
  • Stephen “Bud” Lozar, USA
  • Charles Blood, USA
  • Frederick “Gerry” Maiers, USN
  • Glenn C. Howlett, USMC
  • Victor E. Cordier, USN
  • Arnold J. Schliep, USA
  • Joseph “Bud” DuMontier, USA
  • Dashane R. Hewankorn, USMC

The Committee also extends an invitation to family and friends of the following Korean War service people who were honored at the 2017 Arlee Celebration. A gift will be presented to those representing the following:

  • Arthur G. Barber, USMC
  • Francis A. Bonilla, USA
  • Donald L. Brown, USN
  • Harold “Bud” DuCharme, USN
  • Eugene C. Harrison, USA
  • Richard V. Orr, USA
  • Noel Pichette, USA
  • Wallace R. Weivoda, USA

For more information, contact any of the VHPA members: Les Trahan, Chairman; Carmelita Matt, Vice-Chairman; or Ruth Swaney, Secretary-Treasurer. You can also like and follow the Facebook page, “Seliš Ksanka Qlispé Veterans Honoring and Powwow”.


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