The 2020 Montana Nurses Association (MNA) House of Delegates on October 9, 2020 unanimously passed this resolution addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

Montana nurses are very aware the US has not prioritized the ability to prepare for and respond to global public health crises, leaving already under-resourced state, county, and city health departments without a meaningful and appropriate epidemic response infrastructure in the federal government to protect people in our communities and our nation and to reduce the risk around the globe. 

MNA supports measures that:

• scientifically and meaningfully limit the spread of COVID-19

• call for national policy for covid testing and contact tracing

• urges nurses through collective bargaining or other advocacy abilities to address sick leave/absences due to covid exposure while on duty to prevent wage loss

• support ADA accommodation for nurses and healthcare workers that are high risk

• work collaboratively with national affiliates such as American Nurses Association (ANA) and the American Federation of Teachers, Nurses and Health Professionals (AFT-NHP) to advocate for restoration of the federal budget cuts to improve the U.S. public health infrastructure

• urges Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to adopt an infectious disease standard

MNA stands prepared to work with Montana Department of Health and Human Services and all our Montana public health nurses to support their crucial needs to impact educating the public on the COVID-19 crises and future needs resulting from this pandemic.

Submitted on behalf of the 2020 MNA Board of Directors/House of Delegates

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