Summer is a glorious season in Missoula, and also a great time to move ahead in achieving your learning goals. With new courses and varying session lengths, the University of Montana is seeing rapid growth in summer enrollments — we were up 17 percent last summer, and are on track to do even better this year.

A wide range of students are choosing to learn at UM this summer. They are moving ahead on completing a degree or certificate, continuing professional or technical education, or pursuing a lifelong learning passion. They are choosing from more than 1,000 courses in three-, six-, and 12-week formats, including high demand courses, studio art, performance, internships, and research in the field or in the lab. In addition to college credit, UM offers courses that count as continuing education credits for working professionals and that match the interests of lifelong learners. For those who are away from Missoula or need flexibility in their schedule, UMSummer offers more than 200 online classes.

Summer has always been a more adaptable, innovative semester in U.S. higher education, one that students use to meet their needs: to graduate sooner, complete required courses, explore new areas of study, improve their GPAs, or learn in a way that allows them to focus on one course intensively. It is also a time when high school students, students from other universities and community members can take advantage of the amazing opportunities at the University of Montana, including discounted tuition through the National Student Exchange for out-of-state students.

Thanks to Grace Gardner, our new director of UMSummer, UM is moving boldly ahead with strategies that include heavily discounted on-campus housing for students enrolled in six or more credits, free math tutoring, summer financial aid, a special meal plan, innovative experiential learning, and novel marketing approaches encouraging you to “Upgrade your Summer.” Because of this, many more students will expand the universe of their knowledge on campus while enjoying summertime in Missoula. Join us at the University of Montana this summer for smaller classes, a close-knit community, and some remarkable learning opportunities. With sessions starting in June and July, it’s not too late to sign up! Learn more at

Jon Harbor, Executive Vice President and Provost, University of Montana

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