PABLO — Two Eagle River School will be starting the 2019-20 school year on the morning of August 22 at 8 a.m. Enrollment applications are available at the school and may be dropped off anytime but a parent/guardian of new students must personally bring the paperwork in and meet with a school official. All students and a parent/guardian must attend a 20 minute interview with a School Board representative; interviews will be held on August 9, August 12-15, and August 22; students will not be scheduled into classes until they have completed an interview. Please call 675-0292 to schedule a time; drop-ins welcome but may have to wait for available time.

Sports practice for boy’s and girl’s Cross Country will begin on Friday, August 9. Parent permission and physical forms are available at the school and must be returned before practice can begin. 

For the first couple of weeks, the bus routes will be as follows:

BUS #1- Mike Kenmille (407-5776): Hot Springs: 6:40; Elmo: Hall-7:10

BUS #2 - Tony Garcia (253-8817): Ronan W – 7; Pablo; off the beaten path areas–call the school to arrange ride.

BUS #3 - Meloney Wolf (210-1141): Dixon Agency-6; Moiese Valley-6:15; Charlo: Coulter’s-6:55; Ronan: Woodcock – 7:05 Pache-7:15; 2nd Circle-7:20.

BUS #4 - Kim Sheumaker (239-2143): Evaro: Lovegrove-6:15; Arlee: Wilson Store–6:25; Ravalli: 6:55; St. Ignatius: Longhouse-7:15; Ronan: Town Pump-7:30.

BUS #5 - Dolly Irvine (270-9880): Polson: Cherry Valley School area-6:45; Turtle Lake–7:15.

These times are approximate. If you live very far from these pickup points and need to arrange another pick up point, please call your driver during the week of the August 19. After a couple of weeks bus routes will be adjusted based on student enrollment.

If you need any further information, please call the school at 675-0292.

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