NICE, FRANCE — Far from the pristine mountains that defines the Mission Valley and the Flathead Reservation, home of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai People, lives a tribal descendant who was born in raised across the Atlantic Ocean.

Hèléne Glover, who lives in Nice (pronounced like ‘niece’) was born and raised in France.

Dale Glover, CSKT descendant, was stationed in the US Air Force in Fontainebleu, France, and met  Hèléne’s mother, who worked with the French Air Force. They married, but ultimately divorced.

They moved to  Hèléne’s mother’s hometown of Nice, France.

Hèléne’s kept in touch with her family in Montana, and recently received a special gift that represents the CSKT. Her uncle, Bowen Glover, sent her a People’s Center jacket, that he says she proudly wears.

Bowen says that he sent it to her to represent her tribal roots and family in France. There are many tribal members from different tribal nations that live in France, and every year, a part of the annual Carnaval de Nice parade honors Native Americans.

Hèléne’s family roots tie back to her great-great-grandmother Alma Lozeau, daughter of Adolph Lozeau. Alma married Englishman Fredrick William Glover, who worked for Adolph, as a supply wagon driver.  Hèléne’s great-grandfather is the late Fred Harrison Glover, and her grandfather is Fred Marshall Glover.

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