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ST. IGNATIUS — Thirty-three Mission High School seniors were awarded their high school graduation diplomas at Saturday’s graduation ceremonies. The young adults will now navigate their ways in the adult world. Some will go to college, some will go the military, some will go to technical college and some will find their way to various employment opportunities. 

The graduation class address was given by former Mission student and Mission schoolteacher Dan Durglo, now on the staff at Salish Kootenai College.

Durglo told the students that gradation was a special experience in their lives and they are now on the road as adults on a journey to special experiences in life.

“Today is a farewell for you,” Durglo said. “Now you will spread your wings, test them and move forward.”

Durglo advised them to not go foolishly into the future by recounting a story of an African farmer who sold his land to go searching for diamonds. He spent his life searching for them but never found any. However, when he returned to his home area many years later he learned that the farmer he sold his land to had discovered diamonds on his former property.

“We live in our own diamond fields,” he said alluding to valuable life enriching opportunities they can pursue using their education. “While we look at other pastures each and everyone of us will search for our favorite patch of grass. Find it and tend to your garden. Your success requires daily discipline. Focus your effort on an attainable goal.”

The Mission High School 2019 Class of goal seekers includes: Tristen Adams, Matthew Anderson, Dharma Audette, Yvonne Baty, Afton Brander, Jessica Broughton, Kayden Burke, Patricia Christensen, Megan Dillard, Kassidy Dougherty, Austen Elverud, Justin Evelo, Cole Gilleard, Izyk Gillingham, Precious Girsch, James Hammond, Millie Havens, Jacob Hugs, Maximillion Koenig, Alexis LaChance, Jordan Matt, Wacey McClure, Fling McPherson, Anthony Neise, Darious Redstar, Allyson Sheriff, Frankie Smith, Caitlyn Marie Sorrell, Sierra Stewart, Aaliyah Stults, Adrianna Thomas, Lucas Vanderburg, and Kylee Wells.

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