From Area VI Agency on Aging 

The Elderly Home Owner/Renter Credit (2EC) is a cash refund from the state which is available for both those who file income taxes and for those who are no longer required to file income tax. It is available for Montana residents age 62 and older who either own or rent a residence they occupy in Montana and have done so for at least 6 months, have been a Montana resident for at least 9 months of the year, and have less than $45,000 in gross household income. A cash refund of up to $1000 is determined based on the ratio between your income and what you paid in rent and/or taxes. For those who pay income tax, be sure that you or your tax preparer enter information for the Elderly HomeOwner/Renter Credit on page nine of the Montana Individual Tax Return Form 2 so that this benefit is figured into your return. If you do not file taxes you can file the 2EC online after January 27 at can help you do this in our office, and we can file for the refund going back five years if you qualify and have not filed for it before.

 The Property Tax Assistance Program (PTAP) or the Montana Disabled Veteran (MDV) Property Tax Benefit will reduce your property tax obligation if you qualify and meet the income guidelines. The income guidelines differ for each program. The home or mobile home must be owned or under contract and the owner must have lived there for at least 7 months of the tax year for which you are applying. The PTAP is available to anyone, the MDV program is for 100% disable veterans or the surviving spouse of a veteran who died on active duty or as a result of a service connected disability. Either of these programs will reduce your property tax going forward.

 We can help with applications or information for these programs. Call the Area VI Agency on Aging at 1-800-266-4188 or 1-406-883-7284. Help is also available at any Montana Department of Revenue location or by calling the Helena office at 1-866-859-2254. You can also apply online at Please keep in mind that applications for the property tax relief assistance programs must be submitted by April 15. Applications for Elderly Homeowner/Renter Credit can be submitted throughout the year.

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