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ELMO – Powwows with big casinos are popping up more and more around Indian Country leaving some of the longtime powwows with smaller crowds, dancers and drummers. But that’s okay says Standing Arrow powwow Chair Mike Kenmille because there are those who love the intimacy and laidback feel of the Elmo community powwow campgrounds and event. 

“There are some going on to those big powwows and might stop in here (Standing Arrow) on their way to a big powwow,” said Kenmille.

There is no strategic plan to change or adapt to compete with the bigger crowd and payout powwows either said Kenmille, a second year powwow committee member. 

Kenmille, who usually is dancing or singing at this and other powwows, said his new position is organizing and planning with this powwow committee. He gave props to the small group of co-committee members, Levi Hewankorn, Bev Michel, and Janelle Michel, who worked hard as a team all year. 

It’s been a challenge but Kenmille said he’s not going to let criticism get to him. “We won’t know this weekend, but in a week or two down the road whether it (powwow) was good or bad. If it’s bad, then I’m sorry,” he said in a genuine manner. Kenmille says it is a learning experience for the committee and they are doing their best and will learn as they go. He admitted it would be helpful to hear from attendees and visitors how it went.

The powwow payout that totaled $40,000, not counting the stick game and softball tournament, was another year success of rounds of Facebook posts of folks thanking the committee and community for a well enjoyed powwow event. 

The committee also hosted a free feed for all attendees as an added hospitality.

Standing Arrow Powwow Contest winners

Drum contest winners:

First Place: Spotted Horse

Second Place: Northern Agency

Third Place: Young Grey Horse

Fourth Place: Alliance

Stick Game winners:

First Place

Amskapi Pikuni: Ronald Red Head, Robin Red Head, Gordon Ahenakew Sr., Carol Ahenakew, and Justin Calf Boss Ribs. 

Second Place

Marla Fish, Robert Eastman, David Dragonfly, and Mike Little Dog.

Third Place

Dope Voices: Shady Cree Jr., Darrell Ford Jr., Jaili Peone, Clayston Walking Child, and Anthony Walking Child. 

Fourth Place

Aimsback Team: George Aimsback, Linda Aimsback, Robin Bostwick, Karen Davis, and Kristal Bull Child

Senior Men’s Grass Dance

1st Ron Kicking Woman

2 nd William Wesley

3 rd Andred Windy Boy

4th William Fisher II

Senior Men’s Traditional

1 st Shonto Pete

2 nd Allen Pierre

3 rd Byron Brazill 

Senior Men’s Prairie Chicken

1 st Guy Fox

2 nd Kermit 

3 rd Bruce Meyers

4 th Sean Boyd 

Senior Men’s Fancy

1 st Luke Whiteman

2 nd Stand Whiteman Sr.

3 rd Jaron Starr 

4 th Rod Begay

Senior Women’s Traditional

1 st Eldeen Stanley

2 nd Davonica Brown

3 rd Joni Kicking Woman

4 th Shirley Hill

Senior Women’s Jingle

1 st ShiNaasha Pete

2 nd Venessa Pete

3 rd Julie Birdstone

4 th Felicia Paul

Senior Women’s Fancy 

1 st Cece Walsey Begay

2 nd Thomisca’ta Mountain Sheep

Junior Men’s Traditional 

1 st Ike Carpenter

2 nd Alvin Yellow Owl

3 rd Bryon Adams

4 th Caleb Pierre

Junior Men’s Grass

1 st Kelssey Haywake

2 nd Dakota Madera

3 rd Devin Brown Eagle

4 th Wayne Crue

Junior Mens’ Prairie Chicken

1 st Norman Pretty On Top

2 nd Mike Fast Buffalo 

3 rd Zack Bearspaw

4 th Linwood Madrigal

Junior Men’s Fancy

1 st Chaz Baker

2 nd Redhorse Wesley

3 rd Albert Plant

Junior Women’s Traditional

1 st Ida Adams

2 nd Shawnee Momberg

3 rd Verlina Whiteman

4 th Jolene Lozeau

Junior Women’s Jingle

1 st Audrey White Grass

2 nd Willow Abrahamson

3 rd Laurencia Star Blanket

4 th Sky Whiteman

Junior Women’s Fancy

1 st Aislynn Baker

2 nd Darci Haywahe

3 rd Precious Little Dancer David

4 th Shaneesha Mountain Sheep

Teen Boys Traditional

1 st Dion Crazy Bull

2 nd Cailen Burke

3 rd Snpaqsin Morigeau

4 th Vincente Spotted Eagle

Teen Boys Grass

1 st Andre Lamb

2 nd Aktantel Windy Boy

3 rd Jony Perez

4 th Sabine Brown Eagle

Teen Boys Prairie Chicken

1 st Callen Fox

2 nd James Kicking Woman 

3 rd Recien Daniels

Teens Boys Fancy 

1 st Noah Adams

2 nd Josh Skunkcap

3 rd E. Lamb

Teen Girls Traditional 

1 st Titanya Lapahie

2 nd Willena Whitegrass

3 rd Bella Onesalt

Teen Girls Jingle

1 st Cecelia Coon

2 nd Kamiah Pretty On Top

3 rd Mariam Daniels

4 th Alana Earthboy

Teen Girls Fancy

1 st Oula Skunkcap

2 nd Jade Miller

3 rd Jasalyn Lambert

4 th Tarae Good Luck

Junior Boys Traditional

1 st Avary McDonald

2 nd Stan Healy

3 rd Michael McCrea

4 th Alex Joe

Junior Boys Grass

1 st Sisnce Brown Eagle

2 nd Wiliam Fisher IV

3 rd Jaxen Morigeau

4 th Avery Mountain Sheep

Junior Boys Prairie Chicken

1 st Isiah Weaselhead

2 nd Atwen Quequesah

3 rd Leland Perez

Junior Boys Fancy

1 st Edgar Pete

2 nd Dillon Irvine

3 rd Preston Pagaling

Junior Girls Traditional

1 st Makli Brown Eagle

2 nd Sierra Scout

3 rd Ni’Ellie Yellowhorse

4 th Luliana Brown 

Junior Girls Jingle

1 st Davianna Madera

2 nd Marin Baker

3 rd Saisha Fry

4 th Bresies Ross

Junior Girls Fancy

1 st Trinity Madera

2 nd Virgilena Walsey-Begay

3 rd Lanaiya Lambert

4 th Teslin Trombley

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