By Dana Grant, SAFE Harbor 

RONAN — Each day across the Mission Valley, people are providing service, whether professionally or as a volunteer that is helping to break the cycle of violence that impacts so many lives. SAFE Harbor, in recognition of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, is seeking nominations from the community to honor those who have stepped forth and made a difference in the community.

Nominees can be educators, students, health professionals, law enforcement officials, justice system employees, elders, business owners, hairdressers, mechanics, cooks, lawyers, counselors, sales people-anyone! For 2019, the National DV Campaign is supporting the idea of My #1Thing to help individuals and communities articulate and understand how collective “one things” can lead to social transformation.

Many people care and understand that domestic violence is a serious public health problem, but they don’t take action. They want to do something but believe their actions can’t make a difference, but imagine if 7.4 billion individuals each commit to doing one thing – this collective action will definitely create real social transformation. Change can start with only #1Thing and that is the challenge to address in the year ahead.

SAFE Harbor knows that many people from across the community have already been doing their #1 Thing and wants to recognize them for these contributions.

Help honor some of these hometown heroes by providing a nomination. Finalists will be honored at a special community event in late October. To find out more information or make a nomination call 240-0640 or by email at

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