In their first acts of 2021, Steve Daines and Matt Rosendale signed the list that will forever define those who aided and abetted an attempted coup. 

Many have described Trump’s supporters in Washington as “thugs” and “goons.” Those terms actually minimize and depoliticize who they are and what they did. They are domestic terrorists who engaged in violent sedition. 

Both Rosendale and Daines know that in fact every single state election was accurate, clean, and legal, and every single accusation of fraud was false. Yet Rosendale remains part of the sedition caucus. At the last second, Daines withdrew his name from the twelve treasonous Senators, but still refuses to admit fomenting insurrection through falsehoods. 

If Daines and Rosendale do not resign, Congress must assess whether they and others who repeated these lies and thereby incited domestic terrorism should be removed from office, and then face prosecution.

We also demand Trump’s immediate removal from office. His lawless attempts to subvert democracy — including his January 2 call to Georgia’s Republican election officials and his January 6 speech instructing his supporters to assault Congress — prove the clear and present danger he constitutes in these final two weeks of his term. 


Thompson Smith


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If you want to understand a situation, follow the money. The Guardian had an interesting article today on billionairres who backed Republican members of Congress who worked to discredit the people's election of Joe Biden. The Club for Growth is one conduit for this money. Among the representatives supported by Club for Growth was our own Matt Rosendale, who not only supported the effort to discredit the election, but has called for the resignation of fellow Republican Liz Cheney after she said she would support impeachment of the president. Financial support for what amounted to an insurrection is another avenue that should be investigated.

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