Compassion for our furry four-legged friend inspires 8-year old to go into business

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POLSON – While folks leisurely walked the merchant table alley at the Friday Farmer’s Market in Polson eight-year old Olivia Ramirez honed in on the dogs following their owners. As she watched the canines study their master’s every move she felt pity for the doggies, especially when their owners gulped down home-made treats they randomly purchased from locals; their dogs intently stared at their masters, licked their lips and expected they were next for some gourmet grub.

Poor pups – it didn’t happen.

This was the summer of 2018 when Olivia walked along the Farmer’s Market with her mom Jodi Hunter. Olivia asked her mother if they could start a business. 

Olivia was noticing too often there wasn’t anything for dogs at Farmer’s Markets. “Look at that dog mom, (he or she) looks sad because (he) doesn’t have any treats,” Olivia told her mom. Her compassion for dogs compelled Olivia to ask to pet their dogs and talk to the animals.

Hunter, who worked full-time and could not commit time to start a business, told her little girl there simply wasn’t time to make a commitment to do so in such a short time. However, Hunter was encouraged by her young girl’s entrepreneurial spirit and told her to start thinking of ideas and the mom-daughter team could launch the summer of 2019. 

They did it.

The Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribal member mom-daughter business team launched their business Pawsome Pets, an organic treat company for animals that includes cute kerchiefs to dress the little four-legged friends up for summertime. 

Ramirez, a fourth grader at Linderman Elementary, knew her business idea would be to serve dogs. 

“She has always had a passion to have her own business and wanted to create something no one else was doing,” said her mom Jodi. 

Olivia put her afterschool Boys and Girls Club and 4-H sewing skills, and her mom’s cooking sessions, to use and came up with the idea of making healthy organic dog treats and sewing a variety of dog scarves with a multitude of colors and styles to choose from and her business name was launched, “Pawsome Pets.” 

“Olivia has many ideas she plans to include to her little business and wants, but for now the focus is healthy organic treats for the animals and to make the animal stand out with her cute little kerchiefs,” said Jodi.

If an animal has an allergy, Olivia will do custom orders. For a pet’s birthday, Olivia loves to whip up what she calls “Pupcakes.”

Pawsome Pets currently has a table at Polson Farmers Market and Ronan Farmers Market with plans of setting up booths at local community events and travelling into the Missoula or Kalispell area farmers markets in the near future. But for now Olivia is focused on the local market level.

Olivia’s passion to help animals doesn’t stop at making healthy treats for dogs, but she is donating some proceeds to help displaced animals. 

Olivia admits she is proud of herself on being a young entrepreneur, and hopes business fun will encourage other kids to follow their own entreprenuerial dreams. 

Pawsome Pets has a Facebook page (@pawsomepetsrus) and soon an Instagram page.  

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