Northwest Lawn Care & Excavation Services

Lloyd Jr. and Norrie Irvine have always aspired to be entrepreneurs. On a fateful night eight years ago they sat down to discuss what type of business they wanted to launch and landed on a lawn care and maintenance business, since they had existing equipment and were already helping family and friends with lawn care. Thanks to a small business grant shortly thereafter they celebrated the launch of Northwest Lawn Care & Excavation Services.

“We took a leap of faith by applying for a small business grant through the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes,” recalled Lloyd Irvine. “Janet Camel with CSKT Economic Development directed us to meet with Steve Clairmont, the former director of S&K Economic Development Office for business planning information. Steve Clairmont provided an abundance of information and assisted us with our first business plan.”

Northwest Lawn Care & Excavation Services:

  • Lawn care maintenance services
  • Landscaping
  • Hazardous tree removal
  • Excavation
  • Hauling
  • Water and sewer installation

Clairmont walked the Irvines through how to create a mission and vision for their business, creating goals and marketing, and strategy and sales tactics along the way. Once they completed the business planning process they were selected as a grant recipient and used the funds to purchase additional lawn equipment.

“That is when our business began to grow and expand into other areas,” said Irvine, whose business has grown from one riding and one push lawn mower and a weed trimmer to “every type of lawn equipment including an excavator, dump truck, four trailers…and two snow plowing equipped vehicles.”

Northwest Lawn Care Services and Excavation has since expanded from offering lawn maintenance to tree removal, hauling, excavation and snow plowing services. 

The Irvines love what they do and are grateful for CSKT, their clients and the community.

“Our most inspired endeavor is supporting and training individuals with developmental disabilities, so they can thrive with independence,” added Irvine. “Our small business has had a positive impact on the Flathead Reservation community by creating training and employment, along with providing vital services to the community.” 

The Irvines have experienced a loss in business due to the coronavirus but are hopeful a good snow year will increase the need for their snow removal services.

To inquire about Northwest Lawn Care & Excavation Services, contact Lloyd Jr. and Norrie Irvine at 406.399.1576 or send them an email at

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