Aniya Skye Walker Harpine

Parents Danielle Pierre and Scott Harpine welcomed first baby of 2021 Aniya Skye Walker Harpine who was born at New Beginnings Birth Center. Local businesses donated gifts for the family 

RONAN — The birth of a child symbolizes hope and new beginnings, which we could all use this year.

At 10:10 a.m. on January 1, 2021 Aniya Skye Walker Harpine was born to parents Scott Harpine and Danielle Pierre. Weighing 7 lbs., 10 oz. and stretching 20 inches long, the healthy baby girl was delivered by Dr. Joanna Billings at St. Luke Community Healthcare’s New Beginnings Birth Center. Aniya is also welcomed by her siblings, Damien and Bethany. 

With generous donations from the community, St. Luke compiled gifts for Aniya and her family, to celebrate the birth of the first baby of the New Year. This year’s donors were: Access Montana, Ace Hardware, Aylesworth Insurnace Agency, Bishop Insurance, China Gate Restaurant, Cove Deli & Pizza, East Shore Smoke House, Glacier Bank, Great Gray Gifts, Lake County Leader, Les Schwab Tire Center (Ronan), Lydia’s Stitches, Montana Power Products, Pizza Café, Pizza Hut, Polson Theatres, Ronan Harvest Foods, S&K Gaming, Simply406, Stageline Pizza, The Hair Company, Valley Bank of Ronan, and Valley Greenhouse & Nursey.

St. Luke would like to thank local businesses for consistently supporting this gift, and the warm welcome it offers to the newest member of our community. Welcome to the world, Aniya!

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