ST. IGNATIUS — The following students have met the requirements for 2nd quarter Honor Roll at St Ignatius High School.

9th Grade

4.0 – Keana Thomas

3.5 - 3.99 – Joseph Ashley, Sydney Brander, Trevyn Carter, Boone Gilleard, Brynn Pule, 

3.0 - 3.49 – Ella Arlint, Luke Connelly, Syanna Fields, Pamela Frost, Josiah Matt, Layne Spidel, Brandon Parker, Ryan Wickenburg

10th Grade

4.0 – Addison Arlint, Hunter Eichert, Beau Peterson

3.5 - 3.99 – Karolyna Buck, Taylor Decker, Robert Dempsey, Amy Dillard, Courtney Mitchell, Tatianna Welss

3.0 - 3.49 – Isaac Dumontier, Kyia Hendrickson, Jocelyn Magallanes, Alexia Kienitz,Drew Stewart, Joseph Stults, Azia Umphrey,  

11th Grade

4.0 – Yvonne Baty, Kassidy Dougherty, Kylee Wells

3.5-3.99 – Tristen Adams, Dharma Audette, Cole Gilleard, Precious Girsch, Mollie Havens, Wacey McClure, Flint McPherson, Allyson Sherrill

3.0-3.49 – Megan Dillard, Izyk Gillingham, Darius Redstar, Aaliyah Stults, Kimberlee Tackitt, Adrianna Bird, Lisette Wells

12th Grade

4.0 – Abbey Arlint, Brooklin Hunt, Molly McGreevey, Sophis Tolbert

3.5-3.99 – Warren Castor, Leila Marsh

3.0-3.49 – Augustus Bosley, Melani Decker, Sierra Esslinger, Jessie Girsch, Dana Goss-Dickie, Victoria Peterson

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