On behalf of the Tribal Council, I would like to thank the following individuals for their hard work and extraordinary efforts in managing the CSKT Economic Stimulus payment, which came on the heels of the August per capita. Over 16,000 payments were processed and sent out within a very short time period. This unique endeavor was not without glitches and the staff continue to diligently work these out. To that end, I am reminded of something I read a long time ago that I wanted to share in regard to the negative communications around this and that is: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

If you see these individuals, please extend your personal thank you as well:

  • Stimulus Help Desk: Tomie Thomas, Tracy Antiste, Randall Lumm
  • Central Accounting: Zach Camel
  • Enrollment: Erma Haynes, Arlen Tellier, Chasity Haynes
  • Information Technology: Crystal Reese, Keya Birdsbill-Camel
  • Mail Room: Kurt Burland, Francis Plant, Mike Grant, Elijah Chief Stick
  • Financial Management: Rick Eneas, Ruth Swaney
  • Communications: Rob McDonald
  • Administration: Jami Pluff, Jennifer Trahan

The CSKT Tribal Council is thankful for the CARES Act funding and the ability to provide this much needed stimulus to our tribal members and the local economy. In the spirit of our traditional values and principles, plan for the future, spend wisely.

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[beam]I would like to thank Erma Haynes for her hard work and extraordinary efforts in helping me obtain my CSKT stimulus payment. There were a few problems; however, Erma diligently worked with me through emails to answer my questions and solve the issues. She immediately replied to any concerns I had. It seems to have been a very long ordeal but she never gave up on me and my many questions and always followed through. I live off the reservation in another state and am so grateful to her dedication. Thank you all for your support. Much love and big hugs to Erma! She is a shining STAR!!!


Thank you everyone who help with the stimulus checks some one who lives off the reservation is grateful to all that the admin staff does keeping the tribe operating. A big hug and support to our chair woman for her dedication to the membership. I read the Char-Koosta weekly trying to stay connected. Please everyone stay safe.

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