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PABLO — If you attended Two Eagle River School over the past 40 years, you probably know Cheryl Morigeau. Most recently working as the school’s office manager, Morigeau started her career in the old Bureau of Indian Affairs building in Dixon’s Old Agency. “That old tribal building was terrible,” she recalled. “We were excited when they built the new school here in Pablo because they asked the staff what we would like to see.”

Having worked as a cook for four years, Morigeau said she suggested an industrial kitchen be included in the construction. “I told them that I wanted to see a state of the art kitchen so we could feed the students. I guess you could say that was kind my contribution to the new building,” she said.

Another contribution Morigeau recalled over her 40-year career was volunteering to be a boys’ football coach. “They were having a hard time finding a football coach and no one wanted to volunteer,” she recalled. “Me and another female staff volunteered to coach so the boys could have a team. We ended up coaching for four years and we were the only female coaches in Montana at that time.”

Morigeau’s contributions to the school were celebrated last week during a retirement party held in her honor in the school’s cafeteria. Guests included current and former staff and students throughout the years. Superintendent Rodney Bird presented Morigeau with a new Pendleton jacket. “This is a happy and sad moment for us here at the school,” he said. “We’re sad because we love her and need her here but we’re happy for her to enjoy her next journey in life.”

Morigeau said spending time at home and following grandkids are at the top of her to do list in her retirement but she won’t be gone for long. “They can’t get rid of me that easy,” she said jokingly. “I’ll still be involved in the school when I can for family nights and things like that. The students have always kept me going over the years. I love all my Two Eagle family.”

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