Learn about swan reintroduction on August 24

From Ninepipes Museum 

CHARLO – It is a thrill one never tires of to see the big white Trumpeter Swans in the sky over the Mission Valley. Join us at Ninepipes Museum on Saturday, August 24, for a day of celebrating the Trumpeter Swans, and view the recent installation of a nesting pair in the diorama room. Last year, Dale Becker, the Wildlife Program Manager with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes contacted the museum with the offer of a pair of birds. Along with financing from CSKT, museum members James and Roxie Davis spearheaded a fundraising effort to raise funds to cover the taxidermy expenses with Mission Valley Ducks Unlimited and Mission Valley Pheasants Forever contributing to the cause, along with the Davis’s.

Becker will provide a power point presentation at 2 p.m. in the Montana Room of Ninepipes Lodge that describes the swans’ reintroduction project that has been in effect since 1996. Early observation of the species in western Montana was reported by Lewis and Clark, Father Pierre DeSmet, and E.S. Cameron; the majestic birds neared extinction in North America in 1935 with only 69 known individuals remaining. Along with other local wildlife managers, Becker and CSKT directed the effort to reintroduce the Trumpeter Swans on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Dale will describe the project’s setbacks and successes over the past 23 years and speak to future goals. The seating capacity is limited in the Montana Room, so please call the museum at 644-3435 to reserve your seats.

Following the power point presentation, everyone is invited to meet in the diorama room for a brief ceremony to celebrate the new exhibit. Jan Kauffman, a museum board member, designed and constructed the exhibit space for the swans. Light refreshments will be served, and there is free admission to the museum for the day. Call 644-3435 to reserve seats for the presentation or for further information.

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