Congressional candidate is a strong leader with an agenda that represents Montana; state deserves a lawmaker that will be respected in U.S. House of Representatives

From Left of Center

KALISPELL — Kathleen Williams, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, has earned the endorsement of Left of Center, a women-run, grassroots political organization working in U.S. House races across the country. 

“Montanans are looking for strong leadership in uncertain times, someone who will take their interests to Washington, not be a party-liner. Montana is ready for a new voice,” said Left of Center Co-founder Mara Dolan. “Our endorsement is just the beginning. Direct voter contact, voter education, and reaching out to oft-forgotten constituencies will ensure every Montanan knows what a difference Kathleen Williams will make for them.” 

“Kathleen Williams’ priorities of affordable comprehensive healthcare, lifting issues important to the health, wellness and prosperity of all Montanans, and recognizing that those hit worst by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic are Native American families show her character,” said Left of Center Co-founder Deb Kozikowski. “As a state legislator, her commitment to protecting Montana’s natural heritage has never wavered. Kathleen Williams is a proven trusted and respected leader with values.” 

Jim Driscoll, a resident of Kalispell and member of Left of Center’s Local Advisory Board, added, “Kathleen Williams has displayed civility, integrity, and pride in our state with a willingness to take on anyone who doesn’t get it. Montana matters. Kathleen Williams is the right choice to take that message to Washington.” 

Left of Center was formed in 2018 to help elect Democrats to hold the center and stabilize our democracy. Left of Center targets “quiet constituencies” and overlooked voters to help to increase Democratic vote share in U.S. House districts with rock solid candidates. Left of Center’s strategy benefits candidates at the top of the ticket and down-ballot, as well. Endorsements are based not only on the quality of the candidates, but also on the needs of the districts they represent. Left of Center has endorsed six Democrats running for U.S. House of Representatives in 2020. To learn more about Left of Center and Montana, go to

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