Nancy Maxson and Nancy Leifer, Co-Presidents League of Women Voters Missoula 

Montana allows same-day voter registration and voting. If you’ve been too busy to register to vote and didn’t receive a mail-in ballot for the November 3 election, you still have time to make your vote count. 

The deadline for registering to vote by mailing in your registration form has passed. You will need to register to vote in-person at your county elections office. Montana allows early voting, so you can register and vote at the same time any time during regular elections office hours and up to 8:00 pm on Election Day November 3. You will have to wear a mask and practice Covid-19 social distancing at the elections office.

You need one form of identification to register to vote.  ID numbers are kept confidential. Acceptable forms of identification include: 

  • Montana Driver’s License or MT ID card
  • Social Security Number
  • Tribal ID or government document 
  • Paycheck stub; utility bill; bank statement that shows your name and current address. 

Voting in-person means you will get the same set of materials given to you at the election office that you would have received in the mail. You will have to complete the ballot the same way, using the secrecy envelope for the ballot then putting it into the return envelope and signing it. All ballots are processed using the secrecy and return envelopes for this election. The elections office has to check the signatures on the return envelope for all ballots cast, regardless of whether they come from the drop-box, the mail or from an in-person voter.  All ballots go through the same verification procedure and will be counted together. 

County election offices will be open and have polling sites available on November 3 to allow for last-minute voter registration and voting. There may be lines due to social distancing requirements.  Please wear a mask to protect others from Covid 19.

To find out when and where you can register and vote in your county, contact your county election office:  

Lake County Elections Department


106 4th Ave. E.

Polson, MT 59860 

Missoula County Elections Office


140 North Russell

Missoula, MT  59801

Sanders County Clerk and Recorder/Election Administrator


1111 Main Street

P.O. Box 519 

Thompson Falls, MT 59873

If you haven’t mailed your ballot in yet, we recommend you deliver your ballot to the elections office. We have some good news!  Thanks to a lawsuit brought by CSKT and other Native American organizations, the 2018 Ballot Interference Protection Act was recently declared unconstitutional by the Montana Supreme Court. It is now ok for someone else to return your ballot for you, without having to fill out a form, be limited to only 6 ballots, or risk a fine of $500.  If you want help in getting your ballot back, contact Western Native Voice or Montana Native Voice at 406-869-1938.

The League of Women Voters has been registering voters and providing non-partisan voting information for over 100 years. Membership is open to men and women, citizens and non-citizens over the age of 16.  For more information about the Missoula League, go to our website:

Spotlight on Citizenship 

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