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PABLO — The first shipment of custom 8th Generation blankets have arrived at The People’s Center and they are ready for purchase. The People’s Center director Marie Torosian said the “Honoring Our People” blanket was designed to recognize the three tribes of the Flathead Reservation: Salish, Kootenai, and Pend d’Oreille. “My staff Geri Hewankorn, (former employe) Jordan Stasso, and Loushie Charlo chose the design.”

The blankets are manufactured in New Zealand and are made of 100 percent wool. They come in a custom design box, which depicts a coyote, which Torosian said is significant to all three tribes. “It was wonderful working with 8th Generation,” she said. “They took into consideration all of our input and advised us throughout the whole process. We wanted to make sure our packaging was quality also because this is a special project that allows us to truly honor our people.”

The Seattle, Washington based 8th Generation is a Native American owned blanket, apparel, and merchandise store. The company collaborates with Native American artists to develop authentic products. The company’s slogan is: “Support inspired Natives not Native-inspired.”

The “Honoring Our People” blankets are on sale at the People Center for $225 and tribal members are eligible for a 15 percent discount, which brings the cost to $191. Torosian said 350 blankets are available and more will be ordered upon demand.

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