August is National Child Support Awareness Month

By Hank Conko-Camel

CS&KT DHRD TCSEP Division Manager 

RONAN — Attendees of the inaugural Tribal Child Support Enforcement Program Awareness Day on August 23 in the Ronan Community Center participated in rock painting, tie-dyed t-shirts, won door prizes, and had lunch. The biggest hit was the Capturing the Starz Mirror Me Photo Booth by Shannon Barnes. Everyone loves a photo to create memories. Another very busy station was Rootz Beauty Salon; Nona Ambel and Kaylee Desjarlais provided haircuts.

The purpose of TCSEP’s participation in their First Annual Child Support Awareness Month is to bring families and children together who participate in the DHRD Tribal Child Support Enforcement Program. “I am always looking for ways to promote and create a positive program within the Tribal community to let them know we believe in our participants are here to assist them when needed,” said Hank Conko-Camel, CS&KT DHRD TCSEP Division Manager. “I felt it was key to involve and invite the State Child Support Enforcement Division from Missoula to collaborate and join forces to make this event possible. It was a time that State Caseworkers were able to meet our mutual TCSEP clients face to face, a very warm welcoming for both of the programs.”

TCSEP is already planning for the 2nd Annual Child Support Awareness Month.

TCSEP has been a Comprehensive Program since April 2013 and growing every day. TCSEP is located in the DHRD Building. Call (406) 675-2700 or stop by with your inquires.

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