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POLSON — The doors have officially opened to the area’s latest sports bar and restaurant. Falling Waters celebrated its grand opening last week with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The event served guests samples from its updated menu, drinks from its newly installed bar, and tours of its $600,000 renovation at the KwaTaqNuk Resort and Casino.

The venue’s main attraction was the wall of six televisions, which will be used to host pay-per-view sporting events. The facility has nine televisions total. S&K Gaming Chief Executive Officer Bryon Miller said the goal is to serve the fun. “Falling Waters will be a place to get good food and drinks and also catch a sporting event,” he said. “Our overall vision is to provide a nice, clean, and fun environment for our guests to enjoy.”

The newly installed bar features a “bubble wall,” which is lit water display. The KwaTaqNuk now includes a full bar operating on both the top and bottom floors, as well as a reconfigured kitchen and dining area. Food and Beverage Manager Vicki Kizer said head Eli Edwards customized the expanded menu. “We have new food items like pizza and appetizers that compliment the atmosphere,” she said. 

Falling Water’s grand opening correlated with the KwaTaqNuk’s “Rock the Dock” concert series, which will host live bands on the patio lounge throughout the summer. Aside from fire pit seating, the patio was updated to include a stage and an outdoor bar.

For more information on Falling Waters or the KwaTaqNuk, visit:

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