By Travis Togo

Chief Commercial Officer

Energy Keepers, Inc. 

Energy Keepers, Inc. (EKI), the tribal corporation created to manage the Selis Ksanka Qlispe Project as well as market the electricity generated at the powerhouse, is an active participant in the western power markets, enabled with nearly a hundred counterparties, and actively marketing electricity in almost every western state. 

EKI is proud to report that we serve every major industry in the state of Montana with bulk electricity. Since the conveyance of the Selis Ksanka Qlispe Project, to CSKT, in the summer of 2015 we’ve grown our customer base to include the majority of the Large Customer Group in Montana. Our customers include industrials in the health care, technology, mining, oil and gas, cement and talc, refining, air products, and forest products sectors, as well as municipal governments and rural electric cooperatives. 

In addition to our core group of customers in Montana, EKI serves loads as far away as Nevada, Arizona, and California. To that end, EKI optimizes a large portfolio of high voltage transmission rights on the NorthWestern Energy system, as well as transmission on neighboring grids such as Idaho Power, Avista Energy, PacifiCorp, and the Bonneville Power Administration. We optimize transmission, moving power throughout the west, from inexpensive markets to more valuable ones on a daily and hourly basis. 

Over the last few years EKI has rapidly grown as an independent power producer adding a full-fledged power marketing and trading shop. EKI actively trades the NW power markets with both physical and financial power products, markets environmental attributes, and ancillary services. And, recently, we’ve expanded our business to include energy management services for other large loads and generators. A recent example of such business was the marketing of the output of a smaller hydro-electric project in northern Idaho to a Consumer Choice Aggregate in California. 

Through our expanded trading, marketing, transmission optimization, and energy management services businesses we have grown our net revenue by just under 70 percent since our first full year of operation. There is a lot of change happening in the bulk electric industry, driven by developments in natural gas, the desire to decarbonize our industry, and consumers desire to choose their energy solutions. EKI is positioned well for the future. We are excited to continue to grow, to see what the future holds, and to continue to bring value to our community, Shareholder, and the people of CSKT.

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