PABLO — CSKT Tribal Education Department (TED) including supporting tribal students, families and reservation schools will continue remotely. Services include:

• Higher Education payments and applications will continue to be processed weekly. (This year’s current application deadline is extended to June 1, 2020)

• Work to keep track of school education and meal plans to continue support their efforts 

• TED offers “curbside” deliveries and pick up of school work homework packets as well as electronic devices

• TED supports parents/guardians by bridging the connection between home and school by providing resources and contacting schools for families.

• TED will continue to process payments to current contractors (payments are processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays)


Michelle Mitchell, Tribal Education Department Head, ext.1342

Miranda Burland, Scholarship Officer, ext.1074

Alexandra Plant, Community Development Specialist, ext. 1072 (Arlee, Polson, ECS, Nk??usm and Two Eagle)

Phylicia McDonald, Community Development Specialist, 275-2715 (St. Ignatius, Ronan, Charlo, Hot Springs and Dixon)

Pat Nomee-Songers, Tribal Education Administrative Assistant, ext. 1308

CSKT The People’s Center

The People Center services are almost entirely suspended by the tribe’s Shelter in Place order until further notice with one exception. The People’s Center will offer Gift Shop bead orders only, Tuesdays from 10-2. 

The following rules apply:

• Phone orders only

• Credit/Debit only

• No Cash sales

• No one will be allowed in building

• Once sale goes through your items will be placed outside front door for you to pick up.

• All sales are final once products have left the building there are no returns for 9 months.


Phone Number: (406) 675-0160


Marie Torosian, People’s Center Director

Loushie Charlo, Gift Shop Manager

Aggie Incashola, Education Coordinator

Geri Hewankorn, Curation Technician

Flathead Indian Reservation School Districts Education and Meal Services

Two Eagle River School

School website found at

Education Services – Students will access their Google Classrooms via their school email. Education Plan submitted to the Governor’s Office available upon request.

Food Service – Daily breakfast and lunch will be delivered once a day via bus, contact bus drivers for more info. Their phone numbers are listed on the school website.

Additional Resources:

FaceBook Pages: Two Eagle River High School

Contact Rodney Bird at:


School website found at includes links to:

   • Arlee Landing Page - with teachers’ pages including weekly lessons and link to Google Classroom

   • District Learning Plan - JH/HS

   • District Learning Plan - Elementary

   • School Closure

• Arlee Public School District is Aware of and Monitoring the Coronavirus Disease (Coivid-19)

Education Services – Google Classroom with a landing page every single teacher in Arlee for parents and students. Packets are also available for families with technology challenges. Education Plan submitted to the Governor’s Office available upon request.

Food Service – Daily breakfast and lunch deliver via bus stop locations and Wilson’s food delivery stop. 

Additional Resources:

FaceBook Pages: Arlee Schools and Arlee Educational Resources

Contact Anna Baldwin at:


School website found at includes links to:

   • Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus

   • Educational Service Plan

   • Marie Michels - School Counselor

Education Services:

Returning School Work to School

From 9-3 each weekday there will be bins set outside the main high school entrance with teacher’s name on it. After 3 there will be a locked bin that all work can go in. Please tell your students to deliver materials there. They do not need to do it daily, weekly, or whatever, just an option to get things back to us. We will put student work in your classrooms. Education Plan submitted to the Governor’s Office available upon request.


If you are having issues with your chromebook or reaching certain sites please contact Mario at (406) 830-7289 or email him at Students that need internet access at home can call Blackfoot Telephone at 866-541-5000 or Access Montana at 676-3300. Both companies have programs to assist folks with getting internet. Online learning during off site instruction will be optional, not required at Charlo.

Food Services:

Meals are being delivered to the families that contact the school. Families that live in town can pick up meals at the school from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM. Families living out of town will have their meals delivered sometime between 10 AM and 12:00 PM. It’s not too late to get signed up for meals. Please contact 644-2206 ext 229 or email if you would like to arrange for breakfast and lunches. The Boys and Girls Club in Ronan is having meals at supper time and all are invited to participate in their program. Their number is 676-5437 and you can call them for more information.

School Contacts

Teachers will have their contact information out to families for questions and will be available from 8-4 each weekday but Friday where they will be available from 8-2:30. If you are unable to reach a teacher you can call Mr. Love at 644-2206 ext 230 or email him at His cell number is 406-544-5279. You can call Mr. Gustafson at 644-2206 ext 301 or email him at His cell number is 406-890-8279. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Additional Resources:

FaceBook Page: Charlo School District 7J

Contact Steve Love at:

Dayton and Valley View

School website for Dayton is found at includes links to:

Both Valley View Elem. Dist. #35 and Upper West Shore, Dist. #33 – Dayton Elementary are providing:

Education Services – Paper packets and on-line work and resources are provided for each student

For families with limited internet speed, thumb drives with video content copied onto it to go with the packets can be provided. Students can also interact with their teachers through Google classroom, and content on that site can be “refreshed” when the students come for Grab and Go breakfast/lunches. Teachers are available at regular office hours by telephone and by email throughout the hours of a regular school day. Education Plan submitted to the Governor’s Office available upon request.

Food Service – Grab and Go Breakfasts and Lunches are available to be picked up along with the school work packets 

Additional Resources:

FaceBook Pages: Dayton Elementary School

The schools are partnering to provide internet access in their parking lots for students’ families without internet service

Contact Lake County Superintendent of Schools, Carolyn Hall at:


School website found at 

Education Services –Teachers used the two-week shutdown to map the curriculum from now to the end of the year into weekly units of study. Those are packaged into family sets by week. 

• 04/06/2020 is the first week of off-site instruction so Week 1 materials were delivered to all in-district students and materials are also provided for pick-up for all students attending from out-of-district. 

• On Friday, 04/10/2020, materials for Week 2 will be delivered and will follow the schedule attached as long as needed through continued school closure. 

• Teachers call at the beginning of each week, and once mid-week to check on how students are doing and to support parents in off-site instruction. 

• All classrooms have a digital extension to support or extend learning found on the staff page of Dixon’s website. (Any homes with technology issues, all of these activities are a supplement to the at-home materials.)

• Students also have access to all Dixon’s subscription/non-subscription sites on the website under the “Sites for Students” tab. 

• Dixon is not asking for any materials to come back in to school. Instead, they are encouraging participation and engagement by having a weekly raffle. Early in the week the school will post the weekly challenge for families to add a comment with a picture of their child working on activities and/or a quote about something their child is learning. Every family who contributes is add to the weekly Friday raffle where two names will be drawn. The family can choose either a $50 Walmart Gift Card or to choose from one of our themed Home-Learning Fun Kits (Books-Into-Movies Night, Art Materials Kit, Home Gardening, 24 Hours of Meals,etc.). Education Plan submitted to the Governor’s Office available upon request. 

Food Service – Daily breakfast and lunch are delivered to all families who opted-in every day, Monday through Friday.

Additional Resources:

FaceBook Pages: Dixon School District #9

Contact Crista Anderson at:

Hot Springs

School website found at 

Education Services:

Certified staff will be both on-site and teleworking from home providing instruction to students through the following mechanisms: 

• Hard copy packets of materials 

• Materials provided through hyperlinks to digital lesson plans on website 

• Direct communications via email & telephone conversations

In order to ensure that all students have access to hard copies, the District is: 

• Contacting each parent to ascertain the best method for their needs

• Making delivery of the materials through transportation services at key drop off points

• Providing copies via email for parents to print from home 

• Providing a place of pick up at the school location 

Certified and Classified Staff will be on-site (at school) or teleworking (off-site) providing instruction to students through the following mechanism:

• Google Classroom for instruction and assignments

• Video chats or tutoring via Google Meet during office hours

• Hard copy packets available

• Phone call touch ins with students and parents during specific class periods

• Use of Khan Academy and YouTube for supplemental material and tutoring

• Checking attendance through daily check in via Google Classroom.

• Follow-ups on students not checking in

In order to ensure that all students have access to on-line coursework, the District is

• Providing those students who don’t have the necessary devices with laptops for checking out

Information about services and education will be pushed out through SMS, phone calls, email and Facebook.

Food Service: 

• The District is serving grab-and-go breakfast and lunches

• The District is delivering meals to students on bus routes that request meals

Education Plan submitted to the Governor’s Office available upon request.

Additional Resources:

FaceBook Pages: Hot Springs Public Schools

Contact Mike Perry at:


School website found at includes links to:

   • Learn from Home links

   • Technology Access Options

   • Teacher Office Hours

Education Services – Google Classroom with a landing page every single teacher in Polson for parents and students can be accessed through the website. Packets are also available for families with technology challenges. Education Plan submitted to the Governor’s Office available upon request.

Food Service – March 17 - May 3 the District provided and will provide a “Grab & Go” sack breakfast and lunch at no cost to all children under the age of 18 years old. We have seven pick-up locations: 

Cherry Valley, Linderman, Turtle Lake HeadStart, Elmo Community Center, Big Arm Fire Department, Dayton Elementary and Valley View School.

Parents are able to drive up or walk up to these locations and tell us how many lunches they

needed for the kids in their household, and then are delivered them to their car. Students are also

able to walk up to receive their lunch.

Additional Resources:

FaceBook Pages: Polson School District

Contact Rex Weltz at: 406-883-6355


School website found at includes links to:

• Lesson Plans from Home is a landing page that has:

• School Contact info.

• Teacher Office Hours

• How to set up your computer for distance learning

• Weekly Lesson Plans by grade and teacher

• How to create a PowerSchool parent account to track students’ assignments and grades

• Ronan Feeding Program Information (during closure)

• Ronan Coronavirus Disease (Coivid-19) Updates

Education Services – Materials are provided through hyperlinks to digital lesson plans on the website, hard copies are printed and can be picked up or delivered, teachers have office hours and are making direct communications via email and telephone conversation. Education Plan submitted to the Governor’s Office available upon request.

Food Service – Daily breakfast and lunch deliver via the following locations: PABLO AREA: Pablo School, Sparrow Lane, Burnt Pine, Joe Dog Area, SKC Bookstore, and Mission Meadows. RONAN AREA: 

Middle School at Event Center (west side), Kicking Horse Job Corp, Clarice , Woodcock, Terrace Lake, White’s Meats, Pewlosap, North Crow Clubhouse, Pache, and Acre Lawn.

Additional Resources:

FaceBook Pages: Ronan School District No. 30

Contact Mark Johnston at: 

St. Ignatius

School website found at includes links to:

   • St. Ignatius Landing Page - with instructions for online learning (under tools is learn@home)

   • St. Ignatius updates

   • Messages from Jason Sargent, Superintendent

Education Services:

This plan is updated weekly. Mission Learn@Home Hub - This is St Ignatius Public Schools online learning resources as well as activities to help families stay engaged with learning. Teachers are using Google Classroom to organize assignments and hold discussions. Students log in using their school account ( Education Plan submitted to the Governor’s Office available upon request.

Food Service: 

• The District is serving grab-and-go breakfast and lunches weekly

• The District will continue to provide sack lunches to families for pick-up. Stop by the front of the elementary school between 10:00 and 1:00 on Tuesdays or Thursdays to pick up your weekly lunch and breakfasts. We will be running the buses on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for school work pick up; if requested we will also deliver food on these days for your child for the week. Buses will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday leaving the school at 9am and at 1pm. If you are MS/HS make your food request for bus delivery to 745-3811 x 300 and if you are Elem. 745-3811 x 302. We can only deliver to those families that ride the buses. For special extenuating circumstances please contact 745-3811 x 216 for food delivery if you do not ride a bus and we will arrange a special delivery weekly. We will continue to distribute food for the entire week and not daily for all school district students in grade K-12. 

• Any questions on Meal Distribution please call 745-3811 x 216 

Additional Resources:

FaceBook Page: Saint Ignatius Public Schools

Contact Jason Sargent at:

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