The Natural Resources Program would like to remind all gun users to be safe when discharging any firearms on Tribal and private lands. Whether you are hunting or sighting in your gun, we ask that you know your target and beyond for your safety and the safety of others out in the field. Please think before you shoot, bullets can travel for miles and possibly injure someone or damage property. For target shooting please use designated shooting ranges and constructed backstops whenever possible.

Additionally, we want to remind gun owners and users that it is unlawful to discharge any firearm in a negligent manner, in any campground area, and from or across any public roadway or right-of-way. It is also illegal to destroy or damage any natural or improved property such as trees, plants, signs, or geographical, historical and archaeological features. Leaving any litter, debris or waste from your activities is prohibited on all Tribal lands. 

Many people from outdoor hikers to anglers or government agencies to farmers or ranchers are out in the field year around, especially when the weather permits. Knowing your area well before discharging any firearm is critical to their safety. For outdoor recreationalists and workers, we always recommend wearing bright colored clothing, work and recreate with others, let someone know where you will be and returning, and during spring through fall seasons pack bear spray and know how to use it.

For more information on how to properly discharge firearms, visit your local hunter safety program at To properly learn how to deploy bear spray visit from the Be Bear Aware campaign. Or contact Stephanie Gillin, Information and Education Program Manager for the Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation at or (406) 883-2888 ext. 7241.

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