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POLSON — August in western Montana is fair time. But if you don’t have enough cash to win your significant other that fuzzy Teddy Bear perhaps you should consider attending a different kind of fair, one that can make you a winner in the eyes of the Teddy Bear loving honey bear of yours. That fair would be the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Enterprises Career Fair. It will, among other things, inform potential employees of careers available at each of the CSKT enterprises, skills needed and the route to application for employment.

The CSKT Enterprises Career Fair is set for Thursday, August 15, and Friday, August 16, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day at KwaTaqNuk Resort and Casino.

The CSKT enterprises taking part in the Career Fair includes: S&K Technologies, S&K Electronics, S&K Gaming, Energy Keepers, Inc., Mission Valley Power and Eagle Bank.

S&K Technologies Chief Executive Officer Chad Cottet says he is very excited about the Career Fair next week.

“All the tribal enterprises have the same obligations to inform potential tribal member employees where the job opportunities are and how to find them,” Cottet said about the Career Fair, adding most local tribal members don’t know what to do when it comes to S&K Technologies jobs. The Career Fair will help remedy that with comprehensive information on employment. “We are excited to be working with the other tribal enterprises to get the career employment information out to the local people.”

Cottet said another reason for the Career Fair is the “changing of the guard” that is going on nationally and locally with the retirement of baby boomers. He said a few longtime employees locally with a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge are nearing retirement. Consequently they will eventually have to be replaced.

“We will establish a data base of resources to provide folks with job information when jobs come open,” he said.

In the last 18 months S&K Technologies, as well as other CSKT enterprises, has taken a slightly different approach to advertising employment opportunities. S&K Technologies and other enterprises are using block ads separate from the Char-Koosta News classified advertisement section that list the available job opportunities.

“We didn’t want our listings to get lost in the print of the classified section,” Cottet said 

There are a lot of career employment opportunities at S&K Technologies but most of the jobs are located off the Flathead Reservation. S&K Technologies employs 950 people but less than 50 jobs are on the Flathead Reservation. The rest are located throughout the continental United States and internationally in Saudi Arabia. Consequently off-reservation employment would require relocation.

Cottet said S&K Technologies recently purchased International Towers, Inc. The company builds cell towers and has a contract with T-Mobile to build cell towers throughout the America capable of handling of 5-K transmission speed.

“The T-Mobile contract will provide numerous employment opportunities for people who want to travel,” Cottet said. “We will be looking for all skill levels and train them to move up the ladder.”

It was the T-Mobile contract that brought up the idea of a job fair that will come with a learning curve so that it too will move up the ladder in its comprehensive professionalism. This won’t be the last but the inaugural Career Fair.

“There is a learning curve to this event,” Cottet said. “We want to gain information from the Career Fair and apply what we learn so we can improve on it and make it an annual event.”

For more information on S&K Technologies, visit their Facebook page at

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