NOTE: Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 situation, these hours may change. Keep up to date at or on our Facebook page.

PABLO — During the partial shutdown of the CSKT government over the next two weeks DHRD will continue to operate in the following manner and provide the following essential services:

Patricia Courchane, Department Head: 406-370-6935,

Elderly Division:

The Elderly Services Division will be open, 7:00 am -6pm Mon-Thursday, but is closed to the public during this extended closure. Clients may contact the Division via telephone for all emergency needs and the following personnel have are designated contacts.

Constance Morigeau, Division Manager: 406-471-8910

Anna Curley, Home Care Assistant: 406-675-2700 Ext.1156

Diane Matt: Trust Management 406-675 2700 Ext. 1303

Elderly Division Senior Centers across Montana are closed to public, as are all Tribal Senior Centers until March 27, 2020.

1) Meals will be prepared and placed in to-go containers at each center.

2) Meals will be ready at NOON to 1pm on the designated days for each center as normal. 

3) The cooks will call the elders their Senior Centers in their respective communities to advise when the meals are ready. 

a. The meals can be grab-and-go at each Senior Center OR;

b. Meals can be home-delivered and the Elderly Division worker(s) will call to let them know they are on the way with delivery.

4) Home Care-givers are still providing home-care giving services per their designated schedules.

a. Elders who have sequestered themselves without care-giving services at this time are being respected and no caregiver is allowed in their home.

5) Care packets containing: 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 bottle of sanitizer, 1 thermometer (if needed), 5lbs of Elk meat, 5 lbs of potatoes per household will be taken to each elders home who requests the supplies. (Please be mindful that we have identified 500 elders with needs)

6) There will be Elder welfare checks via telephone call.

7) The State of Montana Senior Centers are providing transportation to shop for groceries and to/from medical appointments.

a. DHRD-Transportation is available to accommodate Elders who need to shop for groceries and this needs to be scheduled. (We will look at having a ONE day scheduled shopping day based on need)

8) LIHEAP will continue to be processed as needed

Social Services Division is closed to the public, but is currently taking all priority 1 and priority 2 referrals from Central Intake. Workers on call can be reached via Tribal Dispatch who has a list of the on-call worker(s) as well as the Division Manager, Dana Morales, 406-531-3684 and the Program Managers, Carmelita Matt 406-214-0790 & Marcy Mcrea-Matt 406-544-2191, Pat Matt 406-214-0673. 

• There will not be any weekly UA’s or visitations, home visits during this time unless it is determined that there is a need above and beyond by management. Court hearings have been suspended, but reports will be completed and sent electronically. 

• Families First will provide services for those who have high -need at-risk during this shut-down and this will be evaluated case by case. There will not be any scheduled activities during this time.

• Second Circle Lodge while open will not be accepting any placements.

Quick Silver/Transit Division

6 am – 6 pm Monday- Friday

7 am – 6 pm Sat- Sun.

Store number is 675-5000; Corky Sias 261-7335.

Flathead Transit operation hours. 

This system operates seven days a week.

275-2792, 675-2700-x1030 or Corky Sias 261-7335

Tickets are sold at quicksilver express

CSKT local transit. 

At this time we are ceasing our Demand Response routes until further notice.

Office hours 8am -3-pm transit hub phone call only, 275-2792 or 675-2700 x1030 please leave message.

Please leave message for appointment, after March 27, Friday, 2020.

CSKT Transit, Flathead Transit, Quicksilver Express

Po Box 278

Pablo Mt 59855


Community Support Division

Commodity Warehouse will continue to remain open Monday through Friday 8-4pm.

1) Normal delivery of commodities will occur during the partial shutdown. 

2) Workers have been instructed to call ahead of time to see if anyone is ill prior to delivery, if so they will drop the commodities outside the home and will not enter the premises.

3) Dire need applications will continue to be processed via telephone

a. Contact Natalie Kenmille 406-676-5823

b. If approved, pick up may be done during the hours of: 1-3pm Mon-Thurs

4) GA, TANF will be processed as normal

5) Work experience will be processed as normal

6) Vocational Rehabilitation workers will be offered supportive services during the shut-down

7) Child Support Enforcement will be working and processing cases as normal

8) Child Care Block Grant Providers will be paid for the two week partial shut- down ONLY.

Accounting Division

• Payroll will be processed as normal

• Mileage will be processed for all caregivers

• Outstanding Billing will be completed

Grants Division

• All reports that need to be completed during this time will be processed electronically.

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