PABLO — Tony Incashola, Jr. has been selected to serve as the next Director of Tribal Resource Management. Tony succeeds long-term employee Clayton Matt, who retired March 20, 2023 after dedicating over 40 years of his life to managing various programs for CSKT. 

Tony, a CSKT Tribal Member, is the son of Tony (Sr.) and Denise Incashola. Tony (Jr.) was born and raised in Saint Ignatius and received his Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Salish and Kootenai College. He has worked for CSKT Forestry Since 2002. Before acquiring his management experience as the Department Head at Forestry starting in 2018, Tony worked in timber sales, fire, and forest development. 

In Tony’s new role, he will provide vision and accountability in a cohesive manner for CSKT’s cultural and natural resources. While overseeing Forestry, Natural Resources, Tribal Lands, Preservation, Kootenai Culture Committee, and Séliš-Ql̓ispé Culture Committee, Tony will work to emphasize and elevate the role of culture throughout the decision-making processes at CSKT and will help further CSKT’s journey back to true sovereignty as a Tribal Nation. 

CSKT has always taken great pride in natural resource management and are a recognized leader in natural resource management. With our focused emphasis on cultural resources, it is a natural progression of those prior efforts, to which Tony is the perfect fit in moving the Tribes forward into the next chapter.

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