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ARLEE — The 28 members of the Arlee High School Class of 2019 closed the book on the big bite of their young lives when they tossed their tassels or eagle feathers from the right side of their mortarboards to the left. 

Their 12/13 years of public education days are now over but they will soon find out their education is never over. Many will go onto secondary education but all will go onto life’s education. Whatever they do they will be armed with the educational and social foundation they learned and earned at the Arlee school system. It will help them weather the storm of adulthood.

They were all given a bit of advice by a variety of speakers. 

“Remember you will always have something to be thankful for,” Superintendent James Baldwin told the graduates. “Don’t waste time trying to please everyone. Take time for yourselves and don’t fret the small stuff and have fun.”

“We are now taking the first steps in the unpredictable journey of the rest of our lives,” said Salutatorian Ashley Potts, adding that the high school days have been the best of times but also the worst of times, alluding to the suicides of Jocko Valley youths.

“There has been pain, struggles and good times but we never gave up,” said Valedictorian Noelle West. “The rest of our lives lie ahead of us. Our journey continues.”

In the commencement speech Leslie Jackson told the students that the graduates’ lives has not been sans of sorrow but they have persevered.

“Be brave, be a Warrior, stand up for others, stand up for yourselves and stand up for what is right. Always find a way to give back. Find something you enjoy that benefits those around you,” Jackson said. “Life is about honesty. Make your families proud.”

The make ‘em proud AHS Class of 2019, are: Darshan Bolen, Tomi Brazill, Louetta Conko-Camel, Nathaniel Coulson, James CrazyBoy, Nellie Desjarlais, Jerome Felix, Isaac Fisher, Chase Gardner, Donovin Hanken, Lane Johnson, Jason Miller, Ashley Potts, Adrian Reyez, Ezra Roan, Terrance Roan, Sydni Rogers, Gage Sanchez, Megan Sansavere, Mattio Santos, Edward Schall, Hailey Shepherd, Tomie Thomas, Skyler Titsworth, Alyssia Vanderburg, Noelle West, Gregory Whitesell and Frankie Wright.

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