Authorized uses of settlement trust fund:

  • FIIP: Modernize through reconstruction; and mitigation, reclamation and restoration of damaged by FIIP construction and lack of adequate maintenance with the option of acquiring land and easements while complying with environmental laws and requirements.
  • Administration, implementation and management of the Flathead Nation water right, and the regulation and administration of water rights within the Flathead Indian Reservation under the mandates of the MWRPA, the Federal Reserved Water Rights Compact, and the Law of Administration, as well as needed infrastructure to meet related program needs.
  • To implement the Flathead Nation water right through rehabilitation and improvement of agricultural Indian land within the Flathead Indian Reservation.
  • To construct and rehabilitate livestock fencing on Indian land within the Flathead Reservation. 
  • To mitigate and control noxious weeds on land within the Flathead Reservation.
  • To plan, design and construct improvements to irrigation systems on land served by FIIP.
  • To install fish screens, barriers, passages, or ladders to prevent fish entrapment in irrigation ditches and canals within the Flathead Reservation.
  • To plan, design and construct irrigation facilities on Indian land within the Flathead Reservation that is not served by FIIP.
  • To plan, design, construct, operate, maintain, and replace community water distribution and wastewater treatment facilities on the Flathead Reservation.
  • To develop geothermal water resources on Indian land within the Flathead Reservation.
  • To develop a cultural resources program relating to permitting necessary to conduct the activities authorized under this subsection, including cultural, historical, and archeological reviews, including training and certification, and related infrastructure necessary to meet these needs.
  • To comply with Federal environmental laws for any use authorized by this subsection.
  • To repair, rehabilitate, or replace culverts, bridges, and roads on FIIP, and any other public or Tribal culverts, bridges, and roads that intersect with, or are otherwise located within the supply and distribution network of FIIP.

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