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Question of the Week

By Adriana Fehrs

What kinds of back-to-school preparations are you making right now?

Dusty Buck
My kids are twelve and fifteen, so they know what they are doing. I just kick them out the door when its time for them to go to school.
Allan Patten
Martina Aripa
I just completed my CDL training class, and I passed. So I am using the money from that to buy my boys school stuff.
Jonna Jordan
Roxetta Finley
All of my kids are grown up so I dont really think about that. I do make sure to drive more cautiously around school zones though.
Tim Jeffries
Mark Fiorentino
Im all set. I spent $700 on my daughters school supplies and clothes. Today Im taking her to go get her hair cut and nails done.
Shawna Friedlander
Roxetta Finley
Im making sure my kids are going to bed earlier and getting up early.
Leroy Black Jr.
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