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Question of the Week

By Adriana Fehrs

The Secretarial Election will be held on Saturday, July 12. Is there anything about the new amendment or the election that you are concerned about?

Jazmin Auld
I dont have an opinion on it.
Desire Peterson
Ryan Uphamr
Im not concerned with any of it really. I trust the process, and I trust the tribal constitution.
George Madman
Kim Swaney
My concern is that not enough people know about it. Regardless of the outcome, the tribal council can address the issue by taking action themselves.
Kim Swaney
Clarence Gingras
Im concerned we wouldnt have any tribal council left if this passes. I feel there would be a big turnover.
Clarence Gingras
Karol Fisher
Im concern about the money it will cost to hold the elections. It should be left up to the council. If it stays the same, I think it would make people pay more attention when they are voting for tribal council.
Karol Fisher
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