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Question of the Week

By Adriana Fehrs

What do you think are the pros and cons for the Keystone XL pipeline project?

Rich Janssen
“The positives: short-term well-paying employment, increased dividends to Trans-Canada, more fuel to India and China. The negatives: hard to undue, current spill response plans are narrow in scope, no change in fuel prices, displaced land use, not-American owned, provides few jobs, increased Tar Sands mining and greenhouse gas emissions.”
Rich Janssen, Department Head of Natural Resources CSKT
Chauncey Means
“Pros: a few temporary jobs constructing the pipeline. Cons: Increases our dependence on oil while sacrificing our cultural and environmental principles.”
Chauncey Means, Non-Point Source Coordinator for Natural Resources Department CSKT
Thompson Smith
“Keystone would enable expansion of tar sands oil, a disaster for global warming and for native people in Canada. If we love this planet, we must say no to this pipeline.”
Thompson Smith, Salish-Pend d’ Oreille Culture Committee History and Geography Projects Head
April Charlo
“There are no pro’s to the XL Pipeline. It is a destructive snake that will only cause harm to this earth.”
April Charlo, Executive Director for Nkwusm
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