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Community Health will continue operations at former day care building

ST. IGNATIUS — The Tribal Health and Human Services Department Community Health Division has relocated, once again, to the former day care building next to the Salish-Pend d’Oreille Longhouse.

The move back to the building that Community Health occupied during phase-two of the construction of the new wing of the St. Ignatius THHS Clinic was due to the dossey-doe created by the phase-three of the construction project.

Phase-three will include the extensive remodeling of the east wing of the clinic that formally housed the Medical, Dental and the Pharmacy divisions as well as medical records and patient waiting room. Phase-three also includes extensive remodeling of the north wing that houses the Behavioral Health Division.

Due to more extensive remodeling than originally planned for the north wing, the Behavioral Health Division will relocate to the offices that were originally designated for Community Health in the new clinic south wing.

Community Health Director Tammy Matt said the move back into the old digs, although hectic, would work out well due to the familiarity of operating out of the building.

Behavioral Health Director Kim Azure said the move to would work out better than originally anticipated.

The completion of phase-three is scheduled for the first of the year and will include a new roof, and heat, ventilation and air condition system as well as the interior remodeling.

When completed the east wing will house THHS Administration, the Indian Health Service’s Purchased Care Program, formally known as Contract Health Services.

Tribal Health is in the process of compacting the lone remaining IHS function on the Flathead Reservation. When completed THHS will manage via PL-638 compact all IHS functions.

All contact information, like phone number (745-3525) and extensions, and email addresses remain the same as before.

Tribal Health: Building Quality Health Care.

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