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Special Hunt Permit Results

Drawing for the 2014 Ferry Basin Elk and Little Money Ram hunt permits was held at the Tribal Council Chambers on Tuesday, August 5. The drawing was conducted through a computerized random draw system.

Permits are valid for two elk permits per hunter or one bighorn sheep only. Hunters are required to have their permit and tribal I.D. on their person while hunting.

2014 Special Hunt Permit Results

Little Money Ram Permit Results
Arnold P. Sorrell10
Shaunda M. Albert3
Jerome T. QueQuesah1
Isaac C. Dupuis11
Dale S. Nelson9
Shannon M. Maxwell10
Shayna R. Parker7
Bryan E. Brazill7

Little Money Ewe Permit Results
Lorene Y. Mitchell3
Stacy A. Courville4
DeeAnn A. Weatherwax3
Travis W. Couture2

Ferry Basin Bull Elk Results
Charlie H. Bird, Jr10
Jacques J. Graham10
Garabed M. Torosian9
Jeremiah I. Morigeau9
Albert C. Adams, Jr5
Sandra J. Charette-Barnaby8
Raylene M. Wall5
Thomas L. Haynes7
Germaine A. White10
Jean L. Matt6
James V. Matt, Jr11
Randy S. Peak8
Julian L. Sorrell1
Donald L. Garcia, Sr.8
Sid E. Shourds7
Henry L. Clairmont2
Monte D. Dumont7
Adam A. Westerman7
Stacy A. Courville5
Shawn P. Matt2
Ted J. Sias4
Darcy J. Maiers10
Austin L. Moran8
Clark M. Matt5
James R. Clairmont (1960)5
James R. Clairmont (1940)10
Leon V. Bourdon, Jr.11
Lionell L. Mathias9
Byron (Bub) L. Schliep10
Michael T. Tenas10

Eight permits for male bighorn sheep (rams) and 4 ewe permits will be issued for the Little Money permit hunt area and four permits for ewes will be issued.

Due to the population fluctuation of bighorn sheep in the Little Money Wildlife Management Unit a reduced harvest quota was adopted. The Hog Heaven Wildlife Management Unit population has declined recently and in response

Tribal Wildlife Managers have suspended the 2014 permit hunt. No permits will be issued and no big horn sheep hunting will be permitted for the Hog Heaven Wildlife Management Area.

This year’s elk harvest quota is thirty antlered (bull) or either sex elk permits and no quota has been set for antlerless (cow or calf) elk. Cow elk permits will be available for hunters to obtain on or after August 11. If the cow season is closed before December 31 the closure will be posted and advertised.

Hunting elk in the Ferry Basin Wildlife Management Unit and bighorn sheep in the Little Money Wildlife Management Units is restricted by the hunting, fishing and recreation regulations for tribal members.

The hunting season for elk in Ferry Basin begins on September 1 and ends on December 31, and bighorn sheep in the Little Money Wildlife Management Units begins on September 1 and ends on November 30.

The Tribal Wildlife Management Program is conducting an elk research project in Ferry Basin. Hunters are reminded that collared cow elk represent valuable research information to the Tribes and hunters are asked to avoid taking collared cow elk.

These quotas and seasons are set to balance herd numbers with carrying capacity of the range to maximize herd health and hunting opportunities for tribal members. Tom McDonald, Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation Division Manager said, “We strongly recommend that elk and sheep permit holders invest more hunting time and effort during the set permit hunting season. Any extension of the permit hunt will likely increase the number of animals lost to winter kill due to extended hunting pressure.”

Hunters who have been drawn for a Ferry Basin bull and or Little Money Ram permit will receive their hunt packet of information, maps, and permit in the mail within the next couple of weeks.

Successful elk and sheep permit hunters are required to return the completed hunt report portion of their permit within 7 days of the date the animal is harvested to Amanda Bourdon, Tribal Permit Agent. Hunters are required to return their unfilled hunting permit by the end of the permit hunt season. The hunt report can be returned by mail, in person, or by telephone at (406) 675-2700 or (406) 883-2888.

For more information on the Wildlife Management Areas special hunt permits contact Stephanie Gillin, Tribal Wildlife Management Program or Germaine White, Information & Education Specialist at 883-2888.

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