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CSKT Tribal Education highlight

Mary Rogers

Name: Mary Rogers

Parents: Bill & Mary Rogers, and the late Clare Courville Rogers

Degree: Master’s degree in Library Information Sciences from San Jose State University.

What is Library Information Science?
Library Information Sciences is the profession of working with information acquisition in media, literature and research. This profession can be described as a highly skilled librarian with knowledge and resources to maintain and preserve materials in multiple forms for generations to come.

Working at:
Mary is currently employed full time with the CS& K Tribal Preservation department as the Tribal Preservation Archivist.

Why did you want to become a librarian?
Rogers credits her grandmother Margaret, who was an English literature and home economics teacher for her interest in the library and information sciences field. It was Margaret who instilled a love of learning in her grandchild. Mary is now ‘paying it forward.’ “I want to make sure my nieces and nephews have the information they need to protect our cultural heritage.”

What do you see for you and your degree in the near future?
“I see myself as ‘having the information I work with now, organized and ready for researchers.’”

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