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CSKT Tribal Education student highlight: Grade K – 4

Name: Dallas Swab

Parents/Guardians: Wendy and Demian Swab

Grandparents: Karl Swab, Roxane Rinard

School: Arlee Elementary

Grade: 2nd

Have you thought about what you’re going to be when you grow up?
“Yes, a Wildlife Biologist.”

Do you have to go to school for that? Where do you think you’ll go to school/college?
“Yeah. Montana.”

Why do you want to be a Wildlife Biologist?
“My grandpa studies animals. I like the show Call of the Wildman- Turtle Man is the guy’s name; he studies animals.”

What is your favorite thing about school?
“Indian Studies- we do lots of writing.”

What do you do for fun?
“I like sports- basketball, football, baseball, and a little bit of soccer.”

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