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New home site project underway

SKC students pose for a picture before taking a lunch break. (courtesy photo) SKC students pose for a picture before taking a lunch break during work for new tribal homesites. (courtesy photo)

PABLO — Several Tribal programs have joined forces to create nine new Tribal home sites in Pablo, north of Clairmont Road.

The Tribal Lands Department, Economic Development Office, and Salish Kootenai College’s Highway Construction Program staff members and students are working with Tribal member surveyor Greg Marengo, to map and survey the Tribal subdivision, and build a new road that will serve the home sites.

“This project is providing valuable training for SKC’s students at a site close to campus. And it will result in a new road that will access vacant, land-locked Tribal land that can now be used as home sites for Tribal members,” said Planning Director Janet Camel. “Fortunately, SKC’s Highway Construction Program staff and students were available to work on this project this year, and Teresa Wall-McDonald was able to find the funding to cover the costs to build the road. The students and staff are doing an outstanding job.”

The residential subdivision began with a plan and an environmental assessment of the property completed by Camel, who worked with Natural Resources Department, Tribal Lands, Salish Kootenai Housing Authority, Historic Preservation Office and Legal Department staff to complete the assessment. The property is adjacent to Pablo community sewer and water utility lines, and about a mile from schools and the grocery store.

The Tribal Lands Department is paying for the land survey, and donating pit run gravel and the funds to cover the crushed gravel and fuel costs for building the road. “Our programs have worked together on other home site projects over the years,” said Camel, “and without this level of cooperation, these projects could not be completed.”

Coordination with Mission Valley Power, Allied Waste Disposal, the Salish Kootenai Housing Authority sewer and water program, and the Lake County/Pablo Sewer and Water District is ongoing regarding utility services for the home sites. Lots will be available for lease this Fall through Holly Hitchcock of the Tribal Lands Department. Hook-up to Pablo’s community sewer and water systems is projected for the Summer of 2015.

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