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Graduation Matters Polson!

By Superintendent Linda Reksten

This year Polson School District is implementing Graduation Matters Polson in partnership with the Polson Board of Trustees, Polson Business Community, and Denise Juneau, our State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Our goal is that every student in Polson schools graduates career and college ready. In spite of challenges with many of our students, 119 Polson seniors graduated on June 7. Over $1,620,000 dollars in scholarships will be awarded with $144,500 coming directly from the Polson community.

Through the efforts of the Polson High School staff, we have helped to save several students from dropping out of high school. The quotes below are from students who allowed me to tell their story.

“Graduation means finally finishing my Schooling, being one of the few members of my family to graduate and just to know that I did it.”
— Roy Bird

“This year has been the most difficult year for me because I had a bunch of making up from my previous years. Someone once told me that if you work hard you can accomplish anything, and in the end it will mean the world to you knowing that you did it. I am the only one in my family to graduate and it feels so good knowing that I can make my parents proud.”
— Ashley Morigeau

“Throughout my high school career there were moments when I was struggling and wasn’t sure if I was going to finish. I had been very down on myself at times and had frequent anxiety attacks but I had always told myself that I could get through it and now with only a few weeks left I will be graduating with my class and I am very excited. This means so much to me that I have finished something this important in my life and I am so glad I stuck through the worst of times.”
— Mike Bournstein

“Graduation means accomplishing something that’s going to have a big impact on the rest of my life and my future career search. Not giving up even when it seemed like I couldn’t do it and persevering through all the hardships and buckling down and getting it done. All twelve years have led to this moment, my first great achievement in the world that proved that I pushed through and finished from kindergarten to now.”
— Christian McCurdy

“After 12 long years of blood, sweat and tears, I’VE MADE IT! I’ve struggled and never given up. Graduation to me means I’ve completed the first big step into my adulthood. I not only gradated for myself but for my mother, my siblings and for Mrs. Johnson. Without all their hard work and dedication to me, I would have given up. Graduation is more than just completing high school, it’s showing that everyone is capable of finishing something. High School is not easy for everyone and people need to realize that for some teens it is more than just a struggle, it’s more than a challenge, and it’s more than what it used to be, so many people drop out because they don’t feel that they can accomplish such a hard task, but with hard work and dedication any child can complete this amazing achievement. That’s why I stayed strong and finished proud!”
— Ashley Nichole Eastman

“I could have cared less about the outcome of my grades in my freshman through junior years. I was lazy all through high school until it came to the things I wanted to do. The senior year came as a wall of reality that hit me hard. I realized I could not be successful at anything if I quit high school. I now push myself when I work out and in school. What really motivated me was my passion for computers and in order to go to college to get a degree, I would need to graduate from high school. Success doesn’t come from laziness or doing the minimum, it’s pushing yourself a little further each time and not giving up once a problem come up.”
— Jacob Fowler

These students tell part of the story that represents the legacy of work accomplished by our teachers, staff, parents and community. These students further represent the investment in Polson Public Schools. I firmly believe that these students will do something remarkable! Let us all congratulate our 2014 graduating class this year!

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