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Tribal Health is seeking applicants for summer internships

ST. IGNATIUS — The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Tribal Health and Human Services Department (THHS) is taking applications for summer 2014 internships available to enrolled members and first generation descendants of the Salish, Pend d’Oreille and Kootenai people who are pursuing professional degrees in health care. The closing date for submission of applications is Friday, May 23.

Tribal Health recognizes the persistence and severity of health disparities in Native American populations, and understanding the relationship between a culturally competent workforce and improved health measures, and is committed to the development of a culturally appropriate professional health care workforce and supporting the opportunity for Native American Indian people to pursue a career in health care to serve the membership. Under the Summer Internship Program, the THHS will sponsor five college internships for six weeks this summer. Interns selected will be eligible for financial assistance through the following academic year.

The internship placement possibilities include: Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Dental and Medical

Other potential placements: Behavioral Health, Nursing, Dietitian, Optometry

Intern duties and responsibilities:
   • Working with professional mentors in area of interest as well as experiencing other areas of health professions.
   • Maintaining professional conduct throughout employment.
   • Working cooperatively with office staff in multiple areas of THHS.
   • Working under the direct supervision of a health professional between the periods of June 16, to July 25, 2014 (Six Week Internship).
   • Full participation in scheduled activities throughout the duration of employment (some activities may be outside of usual operating hours of THHS).
   • Planning, coordinating and running the Health Care Warriors Camp, July 14-17, 2014 at Blue Bay Camp.

   • Student must be enrolled in a full time Bachelor’s level course of study, preferably with a declared field of study in a health related area.
   • Students must have completed a minimum of one full year and have attained a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.
   • Proof of membership of the Salish, Pend d’Oreille and Kootenai tribes.
   • Work may not begin until a pre-hire background check and drug screen are passed.

How to Apply:
   • Complete internship application
   • Submit a letter of intent.

The letter should:
   • State professional goals and how this experience will assist with your chosen health profession.
   • Articulate how the pursuit of a health care degree would be used to elevate health status of Indian people
   • State how this financial assistance will alleviate financial burden.
   • Submit a recent transcript, must have most recent semester/quarter grades
   • Submit a letter of good standing from your academic institution.
   • Submit a Resume/CV
   • Proof of CSKT Tribal Enrollment or descendency.
   • Deadline for applications is Friday, May 23, 2014.

   • All applications will be reviewed by a group of tribal health professionals. The selection committee will evaluate the content of the letter, grades from transcripts, letters from academic institutions and score on a point system.
   • Top scorers will be interviewed by a selection committee in person or by phone. Final determination will be based upon all of the above.
   • Once selected, interns will be asked to sign an employment agreement stipulating work hours, stipend, location, supervisor and general operating procedures for employees of Tribal Health.

   • Selected students for Summer Intern Program will be paid a stipend of $3,600.00 for six weeks in equal bi-weekly payments through CSKT payroll system.
   • Students selected will not be eligible for any employment benefits other than a stipend and approved travel expense reimbursement.

Travel: Mileage reimbursement may be requested. Qualifying claims include travel from designated work station to other sites for work related activities.

Financial Assistance: Scholarships will be issued directly to the student at the start of the fall and spring terms, providing the intern passes all classes and submits grades. Payment disbursement will be made upon receipt of grades.

Scholarship consists of: $500 book allowance and $500 for miscellaneous expenses per disbursement, for a total award of $2,000 per academic year student.

Continuation: Students selected shall automatically be considered for re-appointment in subsequent years provided satisfactory academic progress is maintained.

That includes:
   • Maintaining full course of study
   • Passing all courses with a C or better.
   • Submission of a copy of un-official transcripts with a letter from the registration office indicating acceptable academic standing for next semester’s courses.
   • Dropping out/failing courses disqualifies applicants for re-appointment, and such applicants will be ineligible for re-application for two years.
   • Failing fall quarter/term/semester automatically forfeits the spring award.
   • Gaining approval of committee

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