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CSKT Natural Resources Department gets down to earth for students

PABLO — April 22 was a special Earth Day for the Natural Resources Department at Pablo Elementary School. Mrs. Shon Potter’s classroom was filled with approximately 55 first graders.

Jasmine Brown, CSKT Pesticide Specialist demonstrated anthropogenic sources of water pollution, effects to downstream neighbors, the importance of cleaning up areas and recycling. The Enviro-scape is an interactive environmental education model used for students to discover how surface water runoff collects pollutants and drains into water-bodies. The demonstration provides a collection of groundwater. The tray containing polluted groundwater was passed around by first grade volunteer, Kaydance Santos.

“Both Jasmine, Steph, and Whisper did an outstanding job at Pablo Elementary,” said Rich Janssen, Department Head of Natural Resources. Part of NRD’s mission is to provide educational presentations to our local schools.

Whisper Means, CSKT Wildlife Biologist provided a presentation about Global Climate Change and how temperature increases affect sensitive wildlife species in high elevations that have unique cold weather adaptations. Wildlife species discussed, included the: Wolverine, Pika, Canada Lynx and the White tailed ptarmigan. The ptarmigan won the first grader’s hearts over for its robust camouflaging ability. Wildlife Biologist Steph Gillin also went to the 3rd grade classes at Pablo Elementary and presented on Migratory Birds.

The presentation ended with a quote by Dr. Seuss’s: The Lorax, “Unless someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s NOT!”

Teachers who coordinated Earth day were Shon Potter, Nicky Espinoza, Andrea McDonald and Amanda Gainan.

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