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Vance Home Gun steps down from MT Indian Education Association Board

MISSOULA CSKT tribal member Vance Home Gun, Montana Indian Education Association board member has served for four years, the first two as a high school rep and the past two as a board of director. At the 33rd Annual MIEA conference this past weekend Home Gun was acknowledged as he has stepped down to attend college at the University of Oklahoma in the study of Linguistics. Home Gun stated, I believe in education whether it be higher education or secondary, but I firmly believe you need to know who you are as an Indian person your culture and language to be that more successful in what you do. Other MIEA board members are: SKC Vice President of Academic Affairs and CSKT tribal member Sandra Boham, Chairperson; Thomas Brown; Arlene Augare; Joe Arrow Top; Ruth Jackson; Melville Stops; and Fredricka Hunter. (Lailani Upham photo)

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