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Traditional Native Games Certification Clinic set for June 30 to July 2

EAST GLACIER PARK — The International Traditional Games Society (ITGS) will lead a 3-day certification clinic at the beautiful Glacier Park Lodge. With three levels of training, the clinic will accommodate individuals new to traditional games or returning students desiring to expand their knowledge.

Finding that generic, Olympic-type competitions had replaced the traditional Native games of old, ITGS made it their mission to recover and restore what’s been lost. In so doing, they discovered a window to the past charged with relevancy for today’s modern youth and a beautiful medium in which both Native American elders and youth can restore cultural identity. Promoting mental, physical, social, and spiritual health, the games offer far more than comradery and competition; they also teach survival skills and encourage unity in the clan, family, band, and tribe.

In this clinic, Level I students will learn games of intuition and physical skill, including the historical significance of the games and how to craft the game pieces. In fact, participants will hand-carve, stitch, and paint game pieces for more than 20 games. Level II will craft additional game pieces, including an atlatl and snow snake, and learn more about the neuroscience of play. Level III will assist with teaching and will be provided with a mentor for self-analysis of Native games knowledge.

The fee is $250.00 and will cover one adult and one youth 8 to 18 years old. Supplies and tools for crafting game pieces will be provided. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for playing and crafting both indoors and outdoors. Advance registration is recommended. To register, please contact us at

Lodging and meals are not included. Within walking distance, participants can find a multitude of rave-worthy restaurants and lodging options that range from budget-friendly hostels and motels to lovely home rentals or the historic East Glacier Lodge, itself, built in 1913. Advanced lodging reservations are advised due to a high volume of summer tourism traffic in the quaint, mountain village of East Glacier Park.

International Traditional Games Society, a registered 501c3 nonprofit, was founded in 1998 by tribal college presidents and cultural directors from Montana and Southern Alberta, Canada. It has since been dedicated to the recovery and restoration of Native American Indian Games. Find more information at:

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