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Tips for better parenting

The Power of Play

Making time for our children to play physically is more important than it looks. Play develops skills crucial for success and happiness throughout their lives. Just consider these factors of physical play:
    Play develops the brain in a general way that strengthens many behaviors, and play develops the thinking needed for learning many complex things.
    Play develops the body, both for health and for feeling worthwhile.
    In play rules are learned, and children learn to follow rules.
    Social skills are developed in play activities.

Good learning, and safety, during physical play requires some supervision. Even if a caregiver is unable to play with the children, they can guide children in what games will be fun, what the rules are, how to play safely, and they can intervene when social skills are challenged.

Play for preschool children needs to have all winners. Coming in last in a race needs to get as much attention as coming in first if we want to strength social skills and physical abilities.

We are all winners when we take time to be with our children.

Jack Wright is a Mental Health Consultant working with Early Childhood Services. Contact:

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