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CSKT releases statement on erroneous Water Rights Compact reporting

Some recent newspaper articles written and distributed by the Associated Press have caused confusion on the water compact issue.

The headline on a recent water policy story states incorrectly that negotiations for a water compact may re-open, a comment attributed to the chairman of the Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission. Some have taken this to mean a wide-open renegotiation of the entire Compact. That is simple not the case. Much later in the story, CSKT attorney Rhonda Swaney more accurately describes the situation.

The Tribes do not intend to reopen negotiations fully.

The compact was completed when the Joint Board of Control still existed. Since December of 2013, the JBC has broken into three districts. The BIA has since taken control of the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project.

As a matter of housekeeping, the compact negotiations must be opened narrowly to address those changes.

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