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Tips for better parenting

Good food with less money

Good nutrition is crucial to good health and brain growth, especially when we’re young. Even good thinking needs good food. We’ve considered in prior articles how to get children to eat good food, but we also need to consider how to get good food available with a limited amount of money.

There are some important things to consider:
   •Beans and rice are staples of good nutrition.
   •Three ounces of meat a week is adequate, even for an adult.
   •Preparing food at home can save money.
   •Starting foods from “scratch” avoids those chemicals listed on so many prepared foods that are under suspicion for many of the health difficulties of children.
   •Canned fruits in water, not sugar, are healthier and less expensive.
   •Canned vegetables, spruced up with garlic and butter, can be tasty and are less expensive than fresh, especially in off-brands.

Eating together is also important. Conversations at the dinner table add to school success. When there’s time, finding ways to have children help prepare a meal can lead to more enjoyment for them of the food they helped cook. Eating at fast food restaurants may seem easier, but the lack of nutrients there leads to more difficulties in other ways.

Jack Wright is a Mental Health Consultant working with Early Childhood Services. Contact:

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